WARNING: Online Virus of a Person Called Sacerdotus

Due to many peoples’ direct experiences and massive documentation concerning this cyber-stalking, manipulative, abusive, threatening, evidence dodging, fallacious, narcissistic, lying arse…WE THE ADVOCATES OF SAC’S VICTIMS, ARE ASKING YOU TO HEED THIS WARNING. PLEASE STOP FEEDING THIS TOXIC, VIRUS OF A PERSON WITH ANY SCRAP OF ATTENTION!

The desperate and toxic user on social media who runs the following accounts should be avoided or reported for misbehavior: @Sacerdotus on twitter, Sacerdotus on facebook and SacerdotusSacerdotvs on google+.  Its wisest to avoid him but if you choose to monitor him, feel free to REPORT any of his targeted abuse or harassment of any kind to twitter, because he would have had to promise to NEVER do it again.   His recently suspended accounts on twitter have all been connected and banned for abusive behavior.   >>> @SCDTVS, @CatholicGadfiy, @Catholic_Gadfly & @CatholicGadfly, @RationalFaith1, @StudiousAtheist, @SacerdotusRadio …   His recently and inexplicably recovered @Sacerdotus account on twitter had been banned for years for rampant abuse, so BEWARE the abusive deceiver is back!  (Click HERE for a history of his many past and present accounts… THIS investigation exposing the multi-account fraud he is.  Go HERE for a full history of the threatening, lying, abusive narcissist known as SACERDOTUS.)   Over the many months before Dec 2014, Sac pretended to be a grossly abusive atheist (@studiousatheist) but was proven beyond doubt to be Sacerdotus himself, as was @CatholicGadfly, Sac’s abusive mouthpiece who all but worshiped @SCDTVS (his admitted primary account).  Sac ran these other accounts so he could be abusive, libelous and defamatory, and then deny responsibility.   Gadfly’s primary function beyond abuse was to pretend to be a highly educated professor who adored and promoted Sac.  Yes Sac praised and endorsed himself and has done this with other long suspended accounts.   Twitter finally reviewed and gathered all the abuser’s accounts and banned them.

Sac seems only to be able to grab for success by deception and abuse… For this reason I tell you that Sac, is extensively evidenced to be Manuel de Dios Agosto, a failed seminarian from Bronx, NY. in case you need to report him to the authorities.  Otherwise his real self is just a nobody and closet sociopath and/or narcissist asshole. 

*** NOTICE: If you find yourself on any of Sac’s blogs… >>> http://www.sacerdotus.com/ or  http://sacerdotus.wordpress.com/ or  http://rationallyfaithful.blogspot.com/ or  http://studiousatheist.wordpress.com/ or  http://sacerdotus.tumblr.com/ <<< … BE WARNED, he tracks the IP address & geolocation of visitors in case he needs to expose them later.  Yes he is a vengeful narcissist and well known catholic asshole.

( Extensive documentation and evidence follows all the warning details below )

Repeating the title warning… Due to many peoples’ direct experiences and massive documentation concerning this cyber-stalking, manipulative, abusive, threatening, evidence dodging, fallacious, narcissistic, lying arse… WE THE ADVOCATES OF SAC’S VICTIMS, ARE ASKING YOU TO HEED THIS WARNING. PLEASE STOP FEEDING THIS TOXIC, VIRUS OF A PERSON WITH ANY SCRAP OF ATTENTION! 

Why?  Many moral folks have regretted refuting and exposing the fallaciously dishonest claims of Sac the Catholic apologist, because he lashes back on many fronts. Never with sound arguments, but with baseless personal attacks, exaggerated cries of harassment and threats of police involvement. When cornered and  confronted about his bag of lies he does every manipulative, immoral thing he can to discredit, silence and scare away his critics. Indeed, Sac is invested in maintaining his lies, so be warned, he will come at you if you continue to expose him.

He typically STARTS UGLY RUMORS AND HURTFUL LIES, claims you are guilty of fraud, blackmail, child molestation, sexual deviance, paedophilia, defamation, libel, slander or that you are unlawfully attacking or harassing him.  HE OFTEN THREATENS to expose your information, to file police reports on you, to sue you for defamation, to get you suspended from all your accounts and blogs, or that some big crackdown, involving you, is coming because he knows people, all to get you to stop exposing his lies (or out of vengeance and spite).  HE DOES CYBER-STALK, he documents and twists your posts, writes blogs about how you are a child molester (here) or sexual predator (here & here, caution 18+), mocks rape survivors, writes blogs exaggerating and lying about you, post/tweets defaming lies, publicly calls you a coward many times a day until you give in to his “requests” …and falsely reports harassment until target accounts get suspended.  THEN he unbelievably brags like a child and claims victory for successfully achieving such deviant goals with manipulation and deception. Yes, this guy is the heartless, immoral prick he seems to be. As long as he’s not forced to retract or remove such attacks, they will remain posted, since Sac is apparently not burdened by a conscience or moral integrity like the rest of us. One has to wonder if he truly believes in the ever watchful God he claims to, considering the blatant dishonesty he displays.

PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING!  This virus of an internet user is best avoided, so not to further encourage his disturbing behaviour. You may well be able to refute him, expose him and embarrass him, but he’ll irrationally stick to his false story and harass you until you go away. His virus-like behaviour CANNOT be corrected with facts, truth and morality… so a virtual quarantine is best. In light of this, IT IS SUGGESTED TO REMOVE YOURSELF FROM HIS REACH AND CONSIDER WARNING OTHERS until his attention starvation forces him to seek earned, honest and worthy attention. Of course, feel free to interact with Sac if you like, but PLEASE RECOGNISE that offering a virus its needed fuel is reinforcing its ability to do harm, potentially endangering other innocent folks down the road.

Below is a series of ongoing blogs and investigations detailing years of Sacerdotus’ lies, threats, deceptions and exposed fallacious (and plain stupid) arguments.  This work has been done and prepared so you can be warned and can warn others.

EXCELLENT AND EXTENSIVE INFO:  For ongoing and historical details on this abusive, habitual liar, the blogger Rosa Rubicondior (one of Sac’s obsessions, because she has endlessly exposed him) has investigated and exposed Sac’s countless misdeeds and lies:  http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/p/sac-bag.html

  • DOCUMENTED CHILDISH & ABUSIVE BEHAVIOUR:  Per this post, if you become Sac’s target of abuse on twitter and intend to report him, it might be worth quoting the reference number #119307092  to connect his current abuse to his old suspended @Sacerdotus account. (update March 2015 ..The @Sacerdotus acct on twitter is active again… BEWARE)   http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/2013/07/you-really-wont-want-to-miss-this.html
  • NEW >>> GADFLY’S SUSPENSION FOR ABUSE:  In mid December 2014 CatholicGadfly’s abuse finally caught Twitters attention and was suspended and warned.   http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com/2014/12/mad-manny-gets-another-warning.html   If you find reason to report Gadfly’s abuse, it might be worth quoting the reference Case# 08694399 to help those nice people at Twitter Support.

@CATHOLICGADFLY’S SCREW-UP:  By providing his IP address in an email his location was easily placed right where Sac has always been and not where Gadfly claimed to be.  http://rosarubicondior.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/look-where-manny-is-accessing-internet.html  … UPDATE WORTH NOTING: The @studiousatheist account was recently tricked into exposing his IP with a simple link click, also placing him in the BRONX with SCDTVS, Gadfly and all his other puppet accounts.  It is 100% verified (again) that SCDTVS is in fact the horribly abusive @StudiousAtheist.  

CURRENT AND DAMNING: An intelligent, ongoing Sac challenger who takes on ALL of his BS and exposes the lies (and yes, he fields Sac’s harshest attacks): http://theblindwulf.blogspot.co.uk/

ITS TRUE, SAC WORSHIPS HIMSELF:  A blogger captured Gadfly’s incriminating twitter history on video before it was erased.  @SCDTVS is revealed beyond doubt as @CatholicGadfly yet again, but childishly denies it just to continue his deceptions: http://freeatheism.org/sacs-oops/

FROM THE VICTIMS:  Curt, the subject of Sac’s blog (where Sac calls him a paedophile) hits back! Along with taking legal action for defamation, Curt the victim wrote this: http://religiousliarsexposed.blogspot.com/2014/12/sooty-pot-meet-clean-kettle.html

SAC REVIEWED:  People weigh in with their personal experiences and impressions of Sacerdotus… http://freeatheism.org/sac-review/  … the page encourages any others with Sac experiences to contribute.

DISHONESTY = SAC:  Another blogger tearing apart a dishonest Sac: http://thebuybulljournal.wordpress.com/2014/09/29/destroying-sacerdotus/

SICK OF SAC:  A blogger’s very revealing detailed history and knowledge of Sac: http://shogunofsin.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/the-lonely-grave-of-sacerdotus/

A DECEPTION IN WORDS:  Exposing Sacs deceptive manipulation of language including rampant fallacies and outright lies: http://www.scarednakedmonkey.com/2011/09/a-response-to-sacerdotus/

Sac possibly has a SCAM going accepting charity: https://embracedoubt.wordpress.com/2014/10/29/integrity-and-charity/

Sac is also begging for money via GOfundme for his Ministry, which doesn’t exist officially.  It is fraud to claim donations are for a ministry which doesn’t exist.